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On Sale Now!  So Hurry
Save $100s off the Amazon price

Bye-bye indoor cat stink  

the problem

watch this video & fix your litter problems with a catio

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the latest design: same great product, faster assembly

we've been busy making things even better

Latest Design

OMG!! This Changed My Life!

I’ll never step out of the shower onto tracked litter again!

Makensie W.

here's the problem 

we love our indoor cats . . . but we hate the mess and odor 

keeping litter boxes in the home is pretty gross and not healthy for your family

and here's how you fix it

with a Pet Outhouse and a pet door through the wall, it's solved forever 

finally, move their litter boxes out of your home and

keep your cats away from dangerous cars, animals, and chemicals

Pet Outhouse | a cat enjoys a safe ooutdoor space while smell and odor leave your home-not a grumpy cat
the fix
the features


no more

unsightly boxes

and litter everywhere



no more

unsanitary mess

where your family lives

no more embarrassing

pet odors

with premium features you'll love

an amazing, lightweight door that opens wide for cleaning

opens in the tightest of spaces, allows for storage above,

 and even has a latch to prevent your escape artist from getting away

Pet Outhouse | a covenient access door makes it easy to clean

a new and improved adjustable platform that replaces the ramp

cats can hang out on it and use the space under it

Platform GIF.gif

slots that help remove litter before your pet returns to your home

tired of walking over tracked litter everywhere?

Pet Outhouse | no more litter being dragged everywhere

a design with flexibility in mind

simple to install - just set it up however you want

Pet Outhouse | flexible design for your cat litter boxes

a bit of nitty gritty

What's in the box?

Everything you need to build the enclosure and the adjustable platform.

note: the pet door is not included because different people may require different doors


How much is it?

Each unit is $299 plus $79 shipping to the lower 48 states.

Living in a home that doesn't smell like a litter box . . . priceless.

How do I order?

It's simple


  1.  Email

  2.  I'll email you an invoice

  3.  Once paid, it ships by the next day

A tracking number is included and in about 5 days, you'll have it in hand.

How does it ship?

To save you money on shipping, it will arrive flat packed so assembly will be required.


Don't worry, we provide clear instructions and even include the Allen wrench needed to put it together.

How big is it?

Pet Outhouse is approximately 4' wide x 3' tall x 2' deep.


Can the floor level change?

Yes, it is designed to work with a  house floor that is up to 16" or 2 steps higher than the Pet Outhouse floor.


If you have more steps up into your house, you could always build a base to raise up your Pet Outhouse.


How tall is it when it's open?

In order for the door to open properly, you'll need clear space for the door to move into.


Please ensure you have no obstructions 66" from the floor and 7" from the wall.

Dimensions Door Open.jpg

What is the return policy?

We are a small family business - we love our customers and we work really hard to resolve any issues. Please read all these details carefully to ensure that this design will work in your setup because these are big boxes and the shipping on a return may be costly.

If a part arrives damaged from shipping, we'll either send a free replacement part or if it is easily repaired by the customer, we'll do a partial refund for the inconvenience.

For customer returns for any reason other than a manufacturing defect:

  1.  The customer will pay for return shipping and must pack it carefully to ensure all the pieces survive the journey

  2.  Once received, the unit will be inspected for damage and the customer will be given a full refund of the Pet Outhouse purchase price minus a $40 restocking fee

  3.  The original shipping fee to the customer will not be refunded

pet outhouse is simply a better litter box furniture enclosure

imagine no indoor kitty boxes, no-odor, and no-mess using this large enclosed hidden system

BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT YOUR HOME TO SMELL LIKE CAT STINK – No one wants their home to be known as the weird smelling house in the neighborhood. Pet Outhouse lets you finally have indoor cats without indoor litter boxes.


A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO AN EVERYDAY PROBLEM – How does it work? Easy, just put the Pet Outhouse against a wall in a garage, patio, or any space covered from the weather and install a pet door (sold separately) through that wall. To use the litter box, your cat walks through the pet door and onto the adjustable platform in the enclosure. When finished, the odor and dust stay outside.


THE SECRET TO A CLEANER HEALTHY HOME FOR YOUR FAMILY – Let’s be honest, litter boxes are pretty gross. Plus, they are unhealthy for children and during pregnancy. Pet Outhouse lets you stop storing poop in your closet or washroom and regain a fresh, clean home. No more stepping barefoot on tracked litter again. And the best part? The huge locking door lifts straight up in tight spaces and holds itself open for easy cleaning.


A SAFE SPACE FOR YOUR PETS – We understand why you want to protect your cats from cars, other animals, and hazardous chemicals. Pet Outhouse gives your cat a window to the outdoors while safeguarding them from those hazards. And it makes the litter boxes dog-proof.


SET IT UP HOW YOU WANT – Are you a multi-cat home with more than one pan? Do you use a small, medium, xl, giant, or an automatic self-cleaning litter box? No problem. Pet Outhouse is big enough to allow you to fill it up your way. You can even set it up with cat condos, mats, and trees for lounging. Plus, the cool modern design even has a storage shelf on top for more versatility. (Assembled Dimensions: 46” wide x 35.5” tall x 23.5” deep, Interior Floor Space: 43.5” wide x 20.5” deep)

our story

our story

Hi, I'm Joe.


We always seem to have indoor cats. Our latest cat, named Seven, came from the shelter with a bad knee joint. We simply didn't trust that knee to keep him safe in the great outdoors. He is a sweet cat with a fun personality but let me tell you, he can clear a room when he goes to the bathroom. Necessity truly was the mother of this invention.

I have worked as a design engineer for 22 years in the automotive and aerospace industries, so I started sketching. I built the first version for my own home over 10 years ago and wow did it make life soooo much better! Everyone who now owns the Pet Outhouse can't believe how much it has improved their quality of life.

I really think that this product has been sorely missing from the marketplace, so I decided to step in and fill the void. Every aspect of the design, from the hardware, to the size, to the door mechanism has been methodically scrutinized during the development process. And now is your time to finally get those filthy litter boxes out of your home. 

let's fix this, once and for all


no more

unsightly boxes

and litter everywhere



no more

unsanitary mess

where your family lives

no more embarrassing

pet odors

I need this for my home! Keep me updated on all the latest details.

Plus, get a FREE list of the TOP 10 TIPS TO A CLEANER HOME WITH PETS sent right now!

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